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What mallfox can do for you?

Mallfox makes shopping more fun and rewarding for you. You can scan shops and products that get your attention, build a collection on your phone, and look at them in more detail at your own time.
Discover special offers, coupons and discounts on the mallfox platform, join clubs and enjoy personalized service, by those businesses and products you chose to scan.

  • Take advantage of special offers made to followers

  • Keep track of utility info on how to contact the business personally

  • Save money by cashing coupons, and club points

Download the mallfox app now for free and get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I downloaded the app. What do i do?

    Mallfox asks for your e-mail address to start working. A random password will be generated for you. You can change that password later

  • What can I scan with mallfox?

    The mallfox app uses the camera of your smartphone to let you scan barcodes and QR tags. Point the camera to any QR or barcode and mallfox will add it to your collection.

  • What does the camera icon do?

    The camera icon lets you add photos to your collection. As you go shopping and you see something you like, it may not have a QR or barcode, so using the camera icon, you can take a picture of it and add it to you collection.

  • Does Mallfox connect to my social media accounts?

    Only if you choose to per shop or brand. Many shops add their social media presence in their Mallfox tags. Even when that happens, you will have to explicitly choose to like these pages – just scanning the tag is not enough to take such an action.

  • How do coupons work?

    You may see coupon tiles when you scan a mallfox tag. If you open a coupon tile, you will see the details on how to cash it. Usually you have to physically visit the business and present it to the cash register.

  • How do clubs work?

    If a business is part of a club you will see the option to add points (or miles) to your club account by opening the club tile and showing it to the cash register.

  • How do I make personal notes?

    You can add personal notes to everything you scan or photograph, by using the icon at the top right of your screen, after you have scanned. This personal note can be removed or edited later.

Peoples experience with mallfox!


  • George Clouney

    This is really G R E A T!!!
    No more business cards. All you need about local shops inside their QR, with many pleasant surprises about their story, their ideas and products you may have missed.

  • George Clouney

    I love when coupons show up in my collection.

    Sylvia R.

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