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Retail smart

Capture the attention of mobile consumers by offering treats inside of QR tags. Contests, club memberships, and coupons can turn casual customers to engaged supporters increasing revenue and profits.

Start mallfox today and experience the results for yourself!

What mallfox can do for your retail business?

Mallfox lets you create consumer loyalty clubs, launch contests and issue coupons, all in a simple QR sign which you can place in your store or or on your advertising where people can scan it using their phones.
Consumers will be interested to scan your mallfox QR looking for treats, and you can use this opportunity to tell your story, explain what makes you special and deepen the relationship with them.

  • Tell your story using short messages, pictures and video

  • Create a followers base by offering special treats

  • Issue coupons and make special offers

  • Launch contests for your followers

  • Create loyalty programs and reward repeat customers

  • Communicate in your follower's language

  • Broadcast your news

  • Transact, using mobile commerce

  • Follow up on people's requests


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I keep my Mallfox QR tag for my shop for free?

    Yes, if you decide to cancel your subscription, you Mallfox QR tags will be pointing to a website of your choice for free!

  • What happens if people scan my Mallfox QR tag with a third party QR scanning app?

    If people scan your mallfox issued QR from a third part app (not mallfox) they will be directed to a mobile friendly website showing your promotional information. However, contests, clubs and coupons require the mallfox app in order to function, so they will not be accessible from a third party app.

  • What kind of information exists inside of a Mallfox QR tag?

    Unlike your standard QR signs where you can point to just a website or a Vcard, Mallfox QR signs can point to all of that and more, in the form of square tiles. Every time a consumer scans your Mallfox QR sign, they will see a list of beautiful tiles prepared by you.

  • How can I prepare my tiles?

    You can prepare your tiles using our online tools. It is as simple as updating your facebook status. Just type-in a statement, upload a background picture, or provide a website for each tile to point to.
    Coupons, contests and clubs are also very easy to launch and manage, using our intuitive online tools.
    You also have the option to delegate access to your vendors such as graphic designers or digital marketing agencies who will be able to manage the content of your QR signs for you.

  • What are the most commonly used tiles?

    Most commonly, shops include their contact information (which can be added to your phone"e;s contacts with the touch of your screen), a photo album of their business and some essential information about themselves.

Peoples experience with mallfox!


  • George Clouney

    This is really G R E A T!!!
    No more business cards. All you need about local shops inside their QR, with many pleasant surprises about their story, their ideas and products you may have missed.

  • George Clouney

    I love when coupons show up in my collection.

    Sylvia R.

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